First Project Morpheus PS4 Game Announced?

Posted on Apr 5 2014 - 7:06pm by Shak


Despite Sony’s virtual reality hardware just being announced, Project Morpheus looks like it is already getting the attention of the developing community, with a popular Kickstarter game already wanting to use the headset in their game. Renegade Kid, known for games like Dementium on the DS, are developing a new horror game called Cult County for PlayStation platforms, as well as PC and Xbox One. The Kickstarter campaign was updated with an image of Shuhei Yoshida revealing the headset at GDC 2014, with the following details:

Many of you may have heard of the new Morpheus VR headset from Sony for PS4. It is something that we are very excited about, and something we will be getting our hands on in the near future to utilize with Cult County. This device will offer a tremendous sense presence in the game – a perfect fit for a first-person survival horror title that is designed to scare your pants off!

Shuhei Yoshida has also tweeted about backing the campaign on his twitter feed. If anyone wants to pledge some money, the Kickstarter is still going, and can be accessed at this link: