How to Connect your PS4 to an SDTV

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 4:30pm by Shak

If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, most likely you’ve also got a HDTV. However, there are a large proportion of people who still have, or at least use, standard definition television sets in their bedrooms. So then comes the dilemma, how do you connect your PS4 to the SDTV when the console only has a HDMI out? It’s quite simple, but you will have to buy an extra bit of hardware, and steer clear from something you might think would work, but doesn’t.

First of all, you need to steer clear from HDMI to RCA/Composite cables, you can view an example of what NOT to buy below:


HDMI to RCA cable

This type of cable will not work because it can’t convert the signal from the console to the TV correctly. You instead need to purchase a converter box, that converts from HDMI to RCA/Composite, these looks something along the lines of box picture below:


There are various versions of these boxes, and they should only cost around £15/$20 maximum, so they are quite reasonably priced. Although, to get the full benefit of a PlayStation 4, I’d suggest that you look into buying a HDTV as these are quite cheap nowadays too.