Media Molecule PS4 Game Teaser Breakdown Reveals Camera Support?

Posted on Jul 28 2014 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain


Media Molecule recently revealed a teaser trailer of their new game in which the footage shown was of the game glitching out and providing some interesting results. We skipped through the teaser frame by frame and tried to make some sense of it, unfortunately for the most part there was nothing viable in the footage apart from this image below.

media molecule1

The image looks like there’s a person with some digitally added 3D models on them. So we are speculating that the next Media Molecule game could solely be using the PlayStation Camera and potentially the Move controller. This speculation is further cemented by the live 3D sculpting PS4 demo in 2013.

Could Media Molecule be creating a Spore like game for the PS4 with user created creatures and content? We don’t know for sure but this video has our mouths watering for more information.