PS4 Attach Rate Higher Than PS3 and PS2 Launches

Posted on Jan 9 2014 - 6:02pm by Shak


The PlayStation 4 appears to be selling quite a lot of games in comparison to it’s older brothers, the PS3 and PS2. The launch attach rate, aka software-to-hardware ratio, for the PS4 is around 2.31 games per console sold. Sony announced earlier that the PS4 had sold around 4.2 million units, and 9.7 million pieces of software were sold to consumers. The PS3 had around a 1.65 attach rate during launch in the EU, a little lower in the US, and the PS2 had an attach rate of around 1.67 when it initially launched.

The higher attach rate for the PS4 can suggests that demand for PS4 content is extremely high, but could also simply due to the fact that all of the games are also available to download digitally, giving the consumer the convenience of downloading a game, rather than going out to a store. The PS4 is yet to launch in Japan, one of Sony’s biggest territories.