Sky HD App Coming to PS4 ‘Soon’

Posted on Aug 18 2014 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain

Sky support has confirmed that there will be a Sky HD TV app released for PlayStation 4 soon, but has also suggested that the same may not be true of the Xbox One. So there is a possibility that the app may be exclusive to the PS4 for UK Sky users. User AppleLaa tweeted the following to the Sky support team on Twitter:

I wish @skyhd had a #PS4 or #XboxOne app.

To which Sky support replied with the following:

@AppleLaa Hi Adam – it’s coming soon for PS4 so keep your eyes peeled! If you need anything from us please get in touch. Thanks, Martin

The fact that Xbox One wasn’t mentioned in the tweet at all seems to suggest that an app isn’t even on the radar for this system. This is ironic considering much of the initial Xbox One reveal was focused on its TV capabilities. In any case, Sky HD subscribers have something to look forward to on PS4, but we don’t know how soon this app will be released.