The Dark Below Preview Teases Bungie’s Plans for the Future of Destiny

Posted on Nov 25 2014 - 12:00pm by Ben Brown


Bungie is beginning to open up more and more about what we can expect from Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, with the release of a new preview video showcasing a number of elements we can expect to find when the expansion launches early next month.

The video shows a few examples of the new weapons and gear we can expect to collect, as well as glimpses at the new Crucible maps, Raid and Story missions that will make up The Dark Below.

As somebody who found Destiny very enjoyable but eventually moved on, I’m very excited at the prospect of returning to the game with new content for me to explore.

The developers at Bungie have been showing signs of improvement based on fan feedback over the past few months, with patches to the game adding a few features highly requested by fans including the recently much improved Iron Banner and the addition of a more robust voice chat system.

If Bungie continue to make strides in this direction with more overall improvements and added variety in this new content it may be our first true glimpse at what Bungie have always promised Destiny to be.