Themes Not Coming to PS4 in Update 2.0 Afterall?

Posted on Aug 16 2014 - 3:23pm by Shak

Keen PlayStation Blogcast listeners would have heard on yesterday’s show at around the 77 minute mark, the hosts of the show talking about themes in the PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.0, which was announced at Sony’s GamesCom 2014 conference. Of course, in the conference the only features that were mentioned were SharePlay, friend finder and YouTube video uploading. Essentially the hosts start listing features that were announced at Sony’s conference and discussing the features that were mentioned. However, the podcast has now been modified to not include this section of the original audio. You can listen to the new audio here.

Sid Shuman, Social Media Manager at Sony, posted on Neogaf today:

Hi guys – Sid from the Blogcast here, just wanted to confirm that this was in error and the show has been corrected. Sorry for the mixup! We’ll keep you posted on any news related to PS4 themes in the future.

So does this mean that themes won’t be in the 2.0 update or that they simply weren’t supposed to mention it on the podcast?