Uncharted PS4 HD Remasters Guaranteed After TLOU HD?

Posted on Jul 7 2014 - 5:26pm by Shak

With the upcoming release of The Last of Us Remastered, and the increase in stories lately of how much better the game looks and plays than it’s PlayStation 3 counterpart, why wouldn’t Naughty Dog use what they’ve learned to make an Uncharted HD Remaster? I mean think about it, there’s plenty of people who’ve jumped ship from Xbox 360, with the PlayStation 4 being their very first PlayStation console. These people have never played The Last of Us, which is why the decision by Sony to remaster it was almost bound to happen, and it looks like it’s paid off, because the game is already getting good previews.

However, these same people are likely to have never played the Uncharted series either, so surely if The Last of Us Remastered sells well, I’d like to think that an Uncharted remaster is guaranteed. In fact, I’d argue that with the positive reception of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, we might see Sony and Naughty Dog do something similar with the Uncharted series and bundle all the games into one package for around $60-70. If The Last of Us Remastered is as good as people make out, The Uncharted Collection Remastered would sell well too, and give the PlayStation 4 another much needed game to add to its portfolio. It may also be easier for them to port the game, because they’ve already worked through most of the problems when porting The Last of Us.

What do you think? Surely this is an opportunity that is too obvious to pass up for Sony?