What is Inside the Tekken 7 Press Kit / Pack?

Posted on May 30 2017 - 8:58pm by Gaf Hussain

It used to be the norm for developers and publishers to send out, sometimes very impressive press kits out to journalists and media outlets to show off. Sadly, press kits are starting to become a thing of the past, luckily that isn’t the case for Tekken 7, and Bandai Namco has sent us a press kit and allowed us to share it with you.

Presented in a lovely folder covered in  Tekken artwork.

It unfolds to reveal the following items…

Inside you will find a promo copy of the game, a press release document, a full colour Tekken comic book and a tiger patch (this design is found on Heihachi’s clothes).

The comic, called “Tekken Blood Feud” appears to be #1 of 4 and is beautifully drawn and the page and print quality is superb. No corners were cut here!

These press kits are very rare, and becoming rarer by the day. they are only produced for the press and unfortunately not for the mass market. Making these quite collectable.

Please look-out for our Tekken 7 review on May 31st to see what we thought of the game.