Deadlight Directors Cut Review

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 2:28pm by Gaf Hussain

Deadlight Director’s Cut brings the last generations Xbox console exclusive to a Sony console for the first time. Now almost 4 years old, does this 2.5D puzzle platformer / shooter hold up?

You play as Randall in a zombie apocalypse. He is looking for his family, and just as importantly, answers. Rendered on screen is a beautiful rendition of this broken down world all in 3D. However you traverse it from left to right, a classic side scrolling platformer trope. Somehow, the foreground and the background seamlessly blend into one another, and the zombies or “shadows” in the background will make their way onto your “plane” of movement. It is a great feature that truly brings life to the game world.


The story is told mostly through Randall’s’ monologue, he comments on almost ever interact-able item, but to add to this, before every level is a partially animated comic book-style cutscene that helps set the stage of what’s to come. The voice acting is a bit scattered, it is great at points, and other times sounds very forced and does not match what is happening to the character on screen, it’s a minor thing, but worth mentioning.

Stages flow from one to the next perfectly, and each stage varies up the gameplay so well that it never gets boring. There are slow plodding levels, and quick frantic ones plus everything in between. One minute you can be fighting off a horde of zombies and the next figuring out how to traverse a sewer system by figuring out a puzzle mechanic. Everything is brilliantly executed.


The gameplay is possibly the game’s greatest downfall, there is something a little wooden about it, I can’t place my finger on why. Perhaps it’s to do with the ‘trial and error’ gameplay; where you will find yourself attempting things just to see if they are possible, and thanks to the games quick reloads and good check-pointing there is no penalty for doing this, it’s almost encouraged. It definitely makes for a more pleasurable experience. It could be the stamina system, which I find almost unnecessary, it adds no benefit to the game, and just frustration when in the single player mode. I know it’s probably there to make the game more challenging and reflect on the struggle of survival but I think I would have liked the option to remove it. This feature makes sense in the newly added “Survival Arena” which pretty much is what it says on the tin.

Deadlight Director’s Cut is a good game, and if you never played it when it first came out, like myself, it is definitely worth the budget price of under £15. It will only last a few hours, but you will enjoy almost all of them, and there is always the arena mode, collectables and the trophies to add more value to the game.

  • Graphics
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  • Gameplay
  • Replay Value