Gran Turismo Sport Review | Back on Form and Almost Flawless

Posted on Oct 23 2017 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain
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Gran Turismo Sport, though not a numbered sequel is quite a large game from Polyphony Digital. The vision for this edition is to get people to race against each other and compete online with great emphasis on sportsmanship. This title was a little worrying as it was built solely as an online game, with a limited selection of cars, but somehow, they still squeezed a substantial amount of single player content.

With every iteration of the Gran Turismo series I think I have said the games look photo-realistic only to be proved wrong with the next game that manages to usurp the previous in the graphics department. Gran Turismo Sport looks stunning, and the photo mode allows you to position the roster of 162 cars in any position and use DSLR camera settings to snap shots of them in motion or at a standstill. Lighting is where the game shines, and the reflections on the bodies and windows of the painstakingly detailed cars is flawless.

The “Campaign” consists of a Driving School where you learn the basics of handling a car, from starting to stopping and how to navigate a corner in the fastest way possible. Something that you will find in most GT games, but this one takes it to a new level, and somehow the methodology and the way it is taught seemed to sink in for me. Each training session features a video which plays through YouTube, which is a bit odd, as at times it can lag, however, it masks the load times quite well. Once you are in the session you can restart instantly without any load times. It really makes the experience much more enjoyable as opposed to the PS1 and 2 days.

Similarly, there are two other modes in the campaign, a Mission Challenge mode that has 64 stages all require certain vehicles to attempt and range from simple overtaking challenges, races and even a knock over all the cones challenge. Finally, there is the Circuit Experience, where you play segments of a lap and try and beat the times, after a few of these you can attempt the entire lap. All the modes in the campaign are there to prepare you for online or the other single player modes such as race against the AI, Drift and Time Trials.

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