GTA V (PS4) Review

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 10:28am by Gaf Hussain
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Each character is based in the same city, however, their location and stature is quite different; from a stunning villa with a pool, to a shack in the desert. The voice acting is superb, especially Trevor’s, whose odd ticks and quirks are expertly conveyed in the voice acting and animation. All three characters control the same way, but still feel very distinct, small touches in the run/walk animations truly add a massive amount depth to these protagonists that is usually missing in a “normal” video game.

However, what’s the difference between this game and the one that released over a year ago? This current generation version looks stunning. Tonnes of small details have been added, further draw distances, faster load times and additional foliage. However, the biggest addition is the first person mode, which is another first for the series, and it works really well. You could play the entire game this way, however I found myself switching back to the classic view, as there are plenty of FPS games out there, and the third person camera angle is what I look for in this series. It is safe to say though that the first person mode makes the game feel completely new.

The story mode has been largely untouched, but all those missions that you could play in multiple ways are perfect for a second playthrough. You can finally see how each mission played out when taking the second, or third options in the heists, and the major one at the end. I did notice a lot more side missions had been unlocked, and for those who played the last gen game, expect to see a lot of them unlock from the outset. The PS3 save migration tool is perfect for this, and you can even migrate an Xbox 360 save to a PS4 if needed.


This Grand Theft Auto game had the most engaging plot than any in the series, and was the first one I have ever fully completed. It’s not the longest GTA game if you stick to just the story mode, with around 20-25 hours of gameplay, but couple this with the tens of hours of side missions and activities, and GTA 5 for PlayStation 4 is one of the best value for money titles out there.

The GTA Online mode is much more stable this time around, you may remember at the last gen launch for the title the online mode was not available until a few weeks later, and even then it was broken for a long time, but thankfully Rockstar was ready this time and the online infrastructure seems to be solid and working fairly well.

One year may be a very short time for some to replay a game again, but if you stopped half-way and needed a reason to restart then this could be a great choice. It feels as though this game should have released on the current gen systems in the first place, because this “remake” has more of everything. More cars, more weapons, more objects on screen and more things to do. If you missed it on the last gen systems then don’t hesitate, even if you aren’t typically a fan of the franchise.

This review is based on the PS4 version of the game.

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