Injustice 2 Review | More Violent, More Fun

Posted on May 22 2017 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain
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The fighting is fairly simple; light, medium and heavy attacks with a “character power” and a throw. The stages themselves also allow for interactivity just like the first game, but this time you can smash players through to different portions of the stage to change the environment and deal a lot of damage. The characters don’t have a large move set when compared to games like Tekken, so fights can become very “same-y”, and the power meter that allows for a special attack is cool at first, but the extended animation does get tedious after a while.

Throughout the single player, you will be unlocking many things, and this game opens up massively once you complete the story. This is in terms of the different systems at play here. Firstly, you unlock “Mother Boxes” that you must “Decode” or open that unlock gear and augments. These vary from different armour pieces to costume tweaks that will augment 4 different stats, from Defence to Agility. These boxes range from Bronze through to Platinum and the top one is Diamond, all of which contain either common to epic loot that of course improves your characters statistics.

All these items can be equipped in the incredibly in-depth Character Customisation menu. From here you can create up to 5 load-outs. Augment 4 different body parts, assign/adjust a weapon, change the skin livery and add 2 new unlockable abilities. You can spend hours in this menu alone, and make an infinite number of tweaks that would not be matched.

The gear is locked to a level cap though and you can’t equip an epic item to a level 1 character frustratingly. Meaning you will need to invest a lot of time fighting offline and online in order to rank up every single character. With 28 to choose from, this is no small task and adds days of playing time.

Online is lag free and features all the game modes you expect. Similarly, the multiplayer options for 2 player on the same screen include Versus, Tournament and a complicated AI Battle Simulator mode that I struggled to grasp. However, if you are more of a single player sort of person, there is a mode called the “Multiverse”. It is basically an objective mode event that has a stack of fighters that you must defeat, but there is usually a twist, sometimes throughout the stage health hearts are thrown on screen or in other matches I was given a booster that would allow me to shoot a flame at my opponent every time it charged up. The name suggests it is endless, and each event only lasts a short period of time, but unlocks a lot of loot and gear. So you will always be flush with tokens to purchase more and more.

The violence has definitely increased this time around, and everything is a little better. The best story told in a fighting game and something I was enthralled with all the way to the end. Fighting game fans and DC fans must play this game, you won’t be disappointed. It’s not the most complicated fighter, but if you like 2D fighters, this is amongst the best out there.

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