Knack 2 Review | It’s Actually Good, How Did that Happen?!

Posted on Sep 12 2017 - 8:16am by Gaf Hussain
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It seems like an eternity has passed since the first Knack game was released as a launch title for the PS4. It’s use of physics and particles promised to push the PlayStation 4 and show off what it can do. Many regarded it as glorified tech demo, but it did gain some interest from a subset of gamers. Knack 2 seemed like it would never happen after the poor reception of the original but can the sequel redeem the franchise?

The premise of Knack 2 is simple, and from the outset you can expect something quite basic; long dormant robots have been awakened and are destroying civilisation as we know it, there is somebody behind it all, but who? Sounds a lot like a game that came before it right? Yes, it is a lot like the concept for Horizon: Zero Dawn, which is currently my game of the year. So, Knack 2 has already set the bar quite high; luckily the angle taken is akin to the long-lost Saturday morning cartoons and the Ratchet & Clank series. You control Knack a creature that can absorb certain artefacts and in turn grow larger and stronger, accompanied by a cast of characters from the previous game namely Lucas and Uncle Ryder.

The game is also playable as Co-Op with two “Knack’s” and you can switch to single player and back instantly whenever you like.

I must admit, when I first started playing Knack my expectations were low, I expected; a short, easy game with a below average campaign and boring gameplay, but I am glad to say that it isn’t any of those things. It lasts at least 8-10 hours with clever puzzles and a solid fighting mechanic that builds throughout and I enjoyed almost every second of it!

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