Q.U.B.E. 2 Review | A Delightful Box of Tricks

Posted on Mar 20 2018 - 1:34pm by Gaf Hussain

At a glance, you may think that Q.U.B.E. 2 is just a ‘Portal’ clone, and in some respects you may be right, but the puzzle mechanics are quite different and continually expand throughout your journey.

You play as Amelia Cross, or ‘Millie’. Awoken from cryostasis and suffering from amnesia. You find yourself in a bizarre building that is full of ‘puzzle rooms’ and the only way to navigate through the building is by solving all the puzzle rooms. Your goal is to get to the peak and find the beacon. You have special gloves that allow you interact with the world in certain ways; blue creates a bounce pad, red lets you extrude a pillar and green lets you create a cube. Each ability is unlocked at a certain point throughout QUBE 2.

The pacing is quite good, you are always given new abilities, and as soon as you think you have seen it all and figured out the ‘tricks’, QUBE 2 throws a curve ball into play. Oil, fire, spheres and ramps to name just a few. What this means is that the game is never boring and there is a lot of variety here.

The beginning of the game is very easy, and it isn’t until the latter portions when a puzzle can take over 5 minutes to solve. The majority of them are quite simple and from a glance you instantly know what you have to do, and on some occasions you have to tweak your solution a little bit to get the correct result.

The best puzzles come after chapter 7, when the sense of achievement upon solving the puzzles really make you feel smart.

There is an over-arching story, and this is what compelled me to keep playing. I found myself getting a bit annoyed with the puzzles as I was desperately trying to understand more of the story. There are strange statues that play a snippet of audio spoken by several people; men and women, but only give away a single sentence, as you progress the history behind the building you are in. Frustratingly the story is drip-fed to you poorly; you are given a lot of questions and no answers, and it isn’t until chapter 9 that all the information and the ‘twist’ is finally unveiled.

I enjoyed almost every minute of QUBE 2, and it certainly gave me vibes of Portal 2. Namely because the puzzles aren’t as open ended, and there is only one way to solve them. However the look and the feeling of solving them is still prevalent. QUBE 2 is also a short game, around 3-4 hours, but this is a perfect length, as I feel any longer and you would begin to tire from it.

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