Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within Review

Posted on May 2 2014 - 6:44pm by Shak

Zen Studios has made their name synonymous with console pinball gaming, so it’s no surprise that they’ve released yet another DLC pack as part of their partnership with the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Pinball: Heroes Within, is a new pack of pinball tables for Zen Pinball 2, available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, Xbox 360, Steam, iOS, Google Play, Kindle tablets and Fire TV, and the Mac App Store.

If you’re a fan of Zen Studios’ previous pinball games, and you love Star Wars, then this is for you. The Heroes Within downloadable content pack comes with four new tables; Han Solo, Droids, Episode IV: A New Hope, and Masters of the Force. Each table is designed around the characters in question, so the Droids table is more mechanical in design and is based on C3PO and R2D2. There is also Star Wars-esque voice-overs on each table, and all for just $9.99, which is not bad at all considering the quality of the graphics and gameplay.

The controls for this title are the same as any of the previous games. The bumpers are controlled by the shoulder buttons on the controller, and the ball is launched by pressing X. So in terms of actual gameplay, there is no major difference to see. However, each table has its own quirks, and some of them are more challenging than others. The sound effects are also unique for each table, for example the Episode IV: A New Hope table has sound effects based on the original movie.

You can trigger certain events on each table, depending on how you play, however, the Droids table appears to be the least interactive, and in my opinion the least fun, as it is also quite challenging. My favourite table from the lot is the Masters of the Force table, which is aesthetically pleasing, and fun to play. The events in this one are a bit more fully featured. Similarly, the Episode IV: A New Hope tables also has quite good events that can be triggered, and is also quite a fun table to play. That’s not to say that the other tables aren’t good though, but that’s just my preference.

Those who don’t play the pinball games regularly may struggle with a couple of these tables, but the more you practice the better you’ll get. If you’d like to play the tables on PS3 and PS Vita as well as PS4, you MUST purchase the pack or individual tables on PS3 or Vita first, and then use the import feature to unlock the tables on the PS4 for free. If you buy them on your PS4, you won’t be able to do that unfortunately, so just be careful.

Many may be thinking that $9.99 is a little much for a DLC pack, but you can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into this content. So if you are a fan of Star Wars, you may want to check it out. The sound effects in particular, as well as the music, sound like they’ve been pulled straight from the movies. The voice-overs are also quite good, although some of the sound-alike stuff isn’t that great. The scoreboards will keep competitive gamers busy for a while, and if you do get bored, there’s plenty of other tables available for purchase as well.

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