The Walking Dead Zen Pinball Table Review

Posted on Aug 25 2014 - 5:38pm by Gaf Hussain


Zen Studios are continuing to show their support for Zen Pinball 2, releasing yet another piece of downloadable content. The Walking Dead table is based off the recent TellTale Games game of the same name. The game was praised for its brilliant story-telling, and the ability to create your own saga by choosing your own path, through branching story sequences that led to certain characters dying or surviving.

Every great IP has a Pinball table to match, and when I heard Zen Pinball 2 was going to receive one from the Walking Dead I had my reservations and couldn’t picture in my mind how it would work. So have Zen Studios managed to replicate the success of The Walking Dead game in a pinball table? As with all the licensed tables this one is very detailed, and there is a lot of content within the table. Starting from the bottom you see Lee and Clementine who are there throughout the game, and during special moments will interact, although they can become quite distracting at times. The flippers and bumpers are laid out in the classic fashion with 2 channels leading back to each flipper and a third on the outside edge which leads to the gutter, with the addition of a possible kickback of course.

But what will draw your eye the most is the zombie or “walker” just off centre of the table. He is your primary target throughout the game, hit him 3 times and he will fall back into his hole allowing you to shoot the ball past him to initiate the quest. A nice touch is that the 5 different titles you can choose from are labelled in the same way as each episode in the series. Similarly there are multiple missions within Zen Pinball 2 that match up to the Walking Dead game i.e. whether or not to save Doug or Carly etc.


Quests are as simple as shooting flashing ramps, or trying to hit ramps when there is an obstacle rolling in front, to swarms of zombies that walk on the surface of the table, and there is even a sniper mode that has you use the flippers to scroll left or right and shoot them with the launch button. The top left has a mini pinball table which is difficult to get to, and is considered a skill shot if you get the ball there and has multiple points that light up and need activating. If you shoot the ball into them, they will drop, and you will get lots of points and on some occasions a multi-ball.

Ramps have words that light up as you hit them and once all the letters of “Sniper” for instance are lit up the mini game for sniping cuts the pinball action. Another says “Smile” which makes the 3D models of Lee and Clem start kicking a football around, and you have to hit corresponding lights in order to “pass” the ball between them, and the pinball itself turns into a football even which is a nice touch. These are fun the first few times, however they appear to happen before you realise and can mess up what you were actually trying to do.

This is a fun table, and is jam-packed with content, trying to complete all the missions in one run will take some skill, but giving it a bash is still a lot of fun even if you are an amateur as this table is fairly forgiving too. A great table for newbies as well as professionals, do not miss. The table is out for all PlayStation platforms on August 28th.