Tower of Guns Review

Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 12:28pm by Shak

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You may think Tower of Guns is a generic tower defense game by the name alone, however it is nothing like that at all. In fact, it is actually a first person shooter akin to the Unreal Tournament franchise with a slight twist. Tower of Guns gives you one gun and 9 stages to shoot your way through, each one ending in a boss battle. You pick up upgrades along the way, but this game expects you to die, a lot!

Designed to be played multiple times, you are only offered the choice of two guns from the outset and no perks. However the more you play the better you will get, and in turn the more weapons and perks you will unlock. I have to admit, after my first “playthrough” (AKA when I died) I felt a little disappointed by the game, it just felt like an ordinary shooter that throws a slew of enemies on screen to makes it very difficult to complete a stage. But, the more you choose to replay, the more you realise the small intricacies of the perk system, and it can make this game go from frustrating to enjoyable in a second.

You goal is to ascend the tower, the higher you go, the more challenging it becomes. Thankfully you wil gain life upgrades along the way. As mentioned before, each level ands with a boss encounter and for the most part they are quite interesting and look really cool. There are some bosses that can be exploited and you will completely obliterate them without having to move. Certain perks can seriously overpower you in these occasions.

The story isn’t in your face, text bubbles will appear on screen at the beginning of each stage, and you can choose to completely ignore them and just zone out and shoot as well as dodge the insane amount of projectiles coming your way. You may think this could become tedious, but thankfully the game is designed to allow you to move from area to area without having to shoot a single enemy, apart from the final boss, and it is great to have this option, and it defintely provides a good base for those who love speed running games. Note, this does mean you won’t be unlocking many upgrades or weapons any time soon.


You can only select a single weapon at the start of the game, and you will not get any more during the stages. Each weapon makes you play the game completely differently. The shotgun equivalents encourage you to take fewer shots and only fire when you are up close for full impact, and the machine gun will cause you to pretty much hold the trigger down until you die. The large cannon will make you play very methodically, taking fewer shots but taking time to be precise so that the large powerful shot hits its intended target.

Tower of guns is a great drop in and out game, I can easily see myself playing this game when I have ten of fifteen minutes to spare and having a great deal of fun. It may not be the best looking game, but it plays well and is quirky and fun. Currently free on PlayStation Plus you should give this game a try.