Victor Vran Overkill Edition Review

Posted on Jun 1 2017 - 9:00am by Shak

Victor Vran attempts to fulfil that need in your life for dungeon crawlers. As Victor Vran you are tasked with finding fellow hunter, Adrian, in a 19th century alternate reality of Eastern Europe. The world is full of monsters and demons of all sorts, and it’s your job to get through these to find Adrian.

This is an isometric action RPG, so if you were expecting a 2D dungeon crawler like Castlevania, think again. However the combat in this game is exceptional, and is one of the most satisfying combat systems in recent memory. The sound effects when you land an attack whether with an axe, or sword or gun, add to this satisfying feeling, and are fantastic.

The enemies are also quite varied in design as well as in the way they attack. This means that the game doesn’t get boring because new enemies are introduced to make you fight in a different way. You’ve got to be very careful when approaching these enemies because the AI will for example try to keep away if using ranged attacks, and try to come in close if the enemies are better at close combat.

Victor Vran runs at 60fps, and only drops when there are a lot of enemies and attacks on screen, but it’s not too bad. The 60fps framerate helps make the combat even more fluid and responsive and is nice to see. There are additional challenges within each combat scenario that can be completed, rewarding you with more loot and experience. These help to increase the replay value of the game.

Where the RPG element comes in is in the experience points that you can earn, and the loot and money you can collect. You can loot all sorts of equipment such as weapons and armour. These can provide specialised buffs and improvements to your characters stats. There is also a Destiny Card system which provides stat boosts, although only a few cards can be equipped at one time.

In addition to the Destiny Card system which buffs your stats, there is also a Hex Card system that buffs your enemies, yes you read that correctly. This system boosts your enemies stats so that you can receive more loot and experience for defeating them. It is an interesting feature, and works well with the loot system.

In addition to the main storyline, there are also 2 additional campaigns that follow different storylines, and further the lore of Victor Vran. This version of the game also contains a Motorhead themed expansion, which is a great addition for fans of the band.

Victor Vran is a fantastic hack and slash game that has some great RPG elements. The combat is very good and incredibly satisfying, and the framerate only adds to the experience. Highly recommended.

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