Table Top Racing Review

Posted on Aug 22 2014 - 12:00pm by Gaf Hussain


Table Top Racing’s title explains almost exactly what it does. This is a racing game that takes place on tables such as picnics, restaurant tables and similar surfaces. So, essentially your car is a miniature car that is surrounded by life-size obstacles such as sandwiches and cutlery. There are a lot of similarities to the Micro Machines series here, and it goes deeper than simply the size of the cars. One of the biggest differences between this game and games such as Micro Machines is that it has a behind car view, as the default view. You can then change this in the settings to play it top down so it plays almost exactly like Micro Machines. However, the behind car view is a much easier and familiar way to play the game.

There are several game modes to play through; Elimination, Speed Trial, Hot Lap, Pure Race, Combat, Pursuit, and Season Finale. In the elimination mode, the last driver after each lap is eliminated. Speed trial is a basic time trial mode where you try and get the best time. Hot lap is essentially the same, but you only have one lap to make your best time. Pure race is a normal race without any weapons, and the combat mode is a race with weapons. Pursuit is where you have to chase a car and ram it to finish the race. And season finale is a tournament.


The better you perform in these races, the more stars you receive at the end. The game is set up like an iOS/Android game, where you are ranked by 1 to 3 star ratings. To be honest that’s not a surprise considering the fact that this is a port of an iOS game. There are 8 tracks in total, and although the game does have some good physics, there are some issues with the controls scheme that needs to be addressed. The rear view mirror is set to the back touch screen, which can cause problems when racing. Also, the main acceleration button is X, and as it is a digital button, it can be quite uncomfortable and would be better if it was linked to the shoulder button.

Table Top Racing is quite a simple game to play, and most gamers will know exactly how to play it after a few minutes of practice. The combat aspect is similar to kart racing games like Mario Kart. You collect weapons and other buffs from boxes that are placed around the track. This is nothing new, but does add another layer of fun to this fairly simple racer. There is also a garage to upgrade vehicles, which for some reason doesn’t let you upgrade in the order you want to.


For the asking price of £4.99, there is a reasonable amount of content on offer, but there are also some micro-transactions available. So the fact that this is essentially a mobile game definitely shines through, but the graphical fidelity is very good so there has been some effort put into development. The design of the levels is colourful and fun, and the presentation on the whole is great. There is also a multiplayer mode, but you may have trouble getting out of the lobby as there aren’t many people online yet. With that said, it is fun to play with friends, but may be better off with some sort of ad-hoc multiplayer.

Table Top Racing is a fun, hectic racing game in the vein of Mario Kart. It may not be as polished as other games in the genre, but for it’s affordable price, it provides a lot of content. A good little game for those looking for something like Micro Machines on PlayStation Vita.

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