Zen Pinball 2: Venom Table Review

Posted on Dec 23 2014 - 9:00am by Gaf Hussain


Zen Studios has managed to license yet another Marvel property, this time in the form of Spiderman’s alter-ego, Venom, but is this Marvel licensed pinball table for the ever popular Zen Pinball 2 any good?

The Venom table on Zen Pinball 2 is by far the trickiest table I have come across to master and it is clear that it has been designed for the more advanced player. The central channel is blocked by the word “SUIT” and you must hit each letter in order to knock it down, but that’s not all, each letter lights up and you must hit it when it is lit. To make things even more complicated, each light on these letters moves whenever you hit the flipper buttons. So the frustration for this table begins very early on, because once you’ve unlocked the suit tabs you can trap a single ball into it and then you must repeat this process a further two times in order to activate the multi-ball.

The majority of the ramps are all on the sides, and can be quite tricky to hit, you need to be precise, and the upper play area where Venom is seated, has a 3 flipper mini table which you must again use in great accuracy to cause him to move. Each time he moves, you must hit the next spot exactly otherwise he will reset once again. This can lead to several frustrating and repetitive moments in the Venom table. However, there are some cool interactions when you do hit them, Venom will lock some balls, and if you lose yours, he’ll let you continue your point’s streak. Even the popular character Carnage is present on this table, or to be more accurate, inside the table. He is locked inside and you have to fight him with Spiderman when the modes are activated, but again these are very difficult to achieve.


I love a challenge, but this table has gone from challenging to frustrating in the blink of an eye, it simply isn’t fun to play for the beginner or the intermediate player. However, if you are looking for a serious challenge and wish to brag to your friends that you completed all the modes on this table then look no further. The Venom table is available for Zen Studios pinball platforms, including Zen Pinball 2, Pinball FX2, and Marvel Pinball, now for $2.99/€2,99/£2.49 on PC, Mac, and consoles, and $1.99/€1,79/£1.49 on mobile platforms.